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Singing songs; dreaming songs; writing songs. Singing with my family has been the highlight of my life. I share that passion through teaching voice lessons to others and cultivating creativity and expression.  My own creative flow has led to the completion of many original compositions and a renewed love for singing. After hearing me sing my original works,  I have been approached by many at church that I should make my songs available. My daughter helped me to created this website to do just that!

These are my faith inspired songs that I have written and dreamed over the years. I thank my dad for his legacy of music writing. When I was young, my parents supported my love of music and helped me cultivate it. At Brigham Young University, my professors encouraged me in composing as well as singing. Now my daughters and husband are my inspiration to continue writing and sharing it.  I have loved putting together these recordings which feature me and my daughters.  Please enjoy listening and using these songs, and consider me as a mentor for your musical exploration. My music would be nothing if not heard and shared, and I thank my Heavenly Father for the music and talent He has given me.

Grace Hegy

Contact me: gracesong28@yahoo.com

Most of these recordings have been created in the Sacramento area at Ravenwood the Studio,  who has graciously allowed me to use their studio  for the past few years.  Also, thanks to Roger Hoffman for recording and mixing in Utah at http://www.hoffmanhouse.com/recording.html .

http://www.ravenwoodthestudio.com/prices.html (530) 626-6274




  1. Thank you for sharing your arrangement of I Stand All Amazed. I am adapting it for our primary program with the children singing and two violins. I am wondering if you have the soprano and alto parts written out separately that I could download? Thanks again for sharing! Alison

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your music! It’s my first time as choir director in my ward and I’m so excited to use Christmas Joy in our Christmas program. It’s a beautiful medley and will bring a wonderful, triumphant spirit to our meeting!

  3. Thank you, Grace, from Bruno, in Nantes (France) – in our archbishop, we have a mass in english once a month, with foreigners, and I was looking for songs for the month of may – we will pray the Rosary in english too, and “Mary Mother of Jesus” will help us. God bless.

  4. God bless you, Grace! I believe in supporting musicians financially, and yet the church where I am serving is in a lot of transition now. Your arrangement of The Lord Is My Shepherd (SSA) was perfect for a trio of ladies who sang it at our church last Sunday. We have a small choir, and currently everyone is traveling, is in a cast, or is taking care of someone in a cast (not young’uns, but not all elderly either!). Your music not only is helping me adjust to this new role as choir director, but spiritually, as the beautiful voices of those ladies uplifted my heart as this continues to be a rough week. The Lord IS my Shepherd. May He richly bless everything your hand finds to do.

  5. This is the most beautiful version of Turn Your Hearts I have ever heard. We used your introduction (first four measures) and wrote a version of “I Love To See the Temple” in 4/4 time to lead into this song. We had a primary chorus do “I Love To See the Temple” and the ward choir “Turn Your Heart” for our ward conference! It was wonderful! Thanks so much for your inspired music!

  6. Very nice version of “Turn Your Hearts!” We sang it in our Sacrament Meeting today and received numerous compliments. For our choir, with members of varying skill levels, we were able to learn it in about 3 Sundays of practices. The audio is a huge help! Thank you so much for this!

  7. Thank you for sharing your talent. I was given an assignment for music for our Stake Conference Saturday evening session. The topic was the blessings of the temple. I knew as soon as I played through your arrangement of Turn Your Hearts, that was the piece I was looking for. We will sing it in Nov. Thank you so much. It was an answer to my prayers.

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