Sweet Mary Sings a Lullaby (SSAA)

The Lord is my Shepherd (SSA)

An original melody that goes along with the melody from the hymnbook!! (Published through: http://www.latterdayarrangements.com/music-2/composers/works-by-grace-hegy)

Children of Light (SSAA) A Cappella

Teach Me, Lord (SSA)

Here it is in a less challenging key : Teach Me, Lord (SSA)

I Stand All Amazed (SA)

Be Like the Children (SSA and children’s chorus)

A Wife and Mother (SSA)

The Gift of a Missionary (3 part chorus)

Sheet music published though : http://www.ldsmusicandbooks.com/product-category/grace-hegy-collection/ or http://www.latterdayarrangements.com/music-2/composers/works-by-grace-hegy

Draw Near Unto Me  (SA) (published)

Like Unto the Savior (SSA) (published)

Come Unto Him (SA) (published)

Same words from the hymnbook with a different more flowing melody.


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